Time to Reengineer Democracy?

Let's vote for issues, not for people


We are used to believe that democracy is to elect
our leaders, by means of our votes.
And according to the candidate's platform and programs,
we decide what we want.

But: What if we train, prepare, our civil leaders
and just vote to decide important issues?

Of the many advantages, we can cite (and not limited to):
Government doesn't stop in pre-election periods
Lobbyists and special interest groups shouldn't be that powerful
Use new technologies to cast our votes, whenever needed
Avoid new governments to learn as they go.

We don't have any formula here, we are trying to start a
discussion so we, the people, can decide what we want and
how we want it implemented.
To start, and maybe, we may model it likewise the training we give to
the military, with ranks and different courses and specializations,
like economics, government, environment, education, health, etc
after graduating, and just giving a preliminary idea, they can start
a career in government and according their experience, we give them
more training to prepare them for more important tasks.
Beside having special institutions to do this training,
we can admit professionals already trained, like
attorneys, economists, physicians, etc.
and have them trained in specifics of government.

Again, this is just an input, every country should decide
a final system which, of course, will take years to
implement and adjust as we advance.

Please, think about this. Maybe you can give us your input so we
can add it here. Be forewarned: it may take some time for you to digest this new idea.
Once you have decided, and if you have something to say,
please send us an e-mail (coming soon.) We might publish your input here.

Anyway, thanks for visiting!